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Natrual Stone:


Natural stone is exactly as it sounds: Rocks unearthed, quarried or pulled from stream beds. There are many sizes, shapes, and colors depending on the location.  Being a product of nature, no two stones are exactly alike.

Although natural stone is unmatched in beauty, its installation is time consuming and demands highly skilled workers.

In recent years a new product has entered the market called cut natural stone. This means that real natural stones are cut with diamond blades or lazers to a thin size for easier installation; because of its thinness it does not need footings or a tie system, but are held in place by adhesion similar to manufactured stone or tile. 

Below are examples of both real natural stone in its full form and cut natural stone:

Rocky Mountain Quartzite - Gold



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California Gold
Cut natural stone by MSI
Montana Fieldstone
River Rock
Montana Rockworks
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